NTP + PTP Time Servers w/ GPS | WiFi & PoE Digital Clocks
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Ordering Network Time Servers, and WiFi Digital Clocks has never been this easy!

TimeMachines' focus is on quality, integrity and price, while meeting the needs of our rapidly growing customer base. We offer professional time related products including gps time servers, synchronized network clocks with wifi and poe, and time clock accessories for the best prices around, making it simple for our customers to make the right purchase decisions on any TimeMachines product(s). With multiple clock options and accessories to choose from, you’ll have the ability to customize the size and color of each clock you order. The TimeMachines product line is ideal for universities, manufacturing, healthcare facilities, corporations, schools and government agencies as well as many others that are looking to purchase time servers and digital clocks.

What is a time server, and what's the difference between the two we offer?
Our two Network Time Servers represent a major step forward in value for accurate network time. The NTP and PTP versions both supply accurate time for networked devices. A common question is which one to choose, TM1000A or TM2000A? If you need your time accuracy within microseconds or time serving with periodic GPS signal loss, then the NTP + PTP Time Server is what's needed. If you’re needing millisecond time accuracy, then our NTP Time Servers work very well. Both offer a Stratum 1 time source on a local network with no need for an internet connection. Both use an active GPS antenna to maintain the current time as broadcast by United States GPS satellites, but only the TM2000A has a highly stable OCXO reference clock built in allowing it to serve time if GPS lock is lost for periods of time.

Choose between NTP or PTP Time Server technology, with GPS.

NTP Time Server with GPS / TM1000A
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NTP+PTP Time Server with GPS / TM2000A
ORDER   $499.99 / QTY Discounts Available!